About us



We have always been careful to what the market wants and demands. Trends and lifestyle are continually evolving. The market but first the final customer are the ones who define the demand. SIMEX is the leader in luxury furniture area. We have been producing furniture since 1947.Then many workshops and local factories have been capitalized and developed the craftsmen quality, very well known in Ardeal. The group now consists of 6 factories with more than 1500 employees. We export our furniture to over 27 countries. Respect, tradition and quality are defining words for SIMEX.







What is Mood ?

It is the confidence in our abilities! We are experts in massive wood processing and also specialized in high- quality finishes. Managing these qualities, we wanted a modern and bold performance. MOOD is a new brand focusing on design and material. Our collaboration with design studios ensures to MOOD models uniqueness and modernism. Our technical capability meets the artist’s imagination! We only use solid wood because we want to provide our recognized quality. The material authenticity also assures our position on a dynamic market. Solid oak is a noble wood and it represent an honor for us to process it. Precision, wood and color. MOOD is about design!



People of Mood…






            “Geopolitical movements often coordinates commercial decisions. As producers, our difficulty in reaching markets which are dedicated to Romanian furniture factories, made needed to adapt the furniture to other potential areas. Of course, there are old markets that emphasize different aesthetic values. Wishing to offer the best and modern, collaboration with a designer came naturally. We know how to produce furniture! “

Dumitru Blaga – SIMEX Head Manager







            “A new brand challenge is great, but I know for sure that we have accepted this with great enthusiasm. I rely on our professional team. Attending international fairs has strengthened my confidence in our design. I know it’s a lot of work to do, but this brand project – unique on the market, offers a huge motivation to me.”

Cosmin Man – Brand Director.